The Server Object holds all data revolving around a server.

idString"aaaaaaaaaaabbbbbbbbbbbbb"The unique ID for the server.
nameString"My awesome server"The name of the server.
hostInteger0The host that the server is residing on.
ipv4String""The IPV4 address of the server.
sizeString"nibble-1024"The size ID of the server.
sizeDescriptionString"nibble-1024"The size of the server in a more readable format.
imageString"10000"The ID of the image or app that the server has installed.
imageDescriptionString"Ubuntu 18.04"The description of the image installed on the server.
createdDate (Unix Timestamp)"2020-01-01T08:00:00.000Z"The creation date of the server.
rateInteger21The hourly rate of the server that will be deducted from your account balance every hour.
bandwidthUsedInteger1000The amount of bandwidth used by the server.

Represented in bytes.
bandwidthAllowanceInteger2000000000000The amount of bandwidth the server has included in its plan.

Represented in bytes.
statusString"ok" / "launching" / "restarting" / "rebuilding" / "error" / "stopped"The status of the server.
errorTextStringAssociated error text if server failed to create.
backupsEnabledBooltrueIf the server has backups enabled.
abuseBoolfalseIf the server has been the subject of an abuse report.
diskGBInteger25The size of the server's disk in GB.
protectionObjectProtection ObjectThe protection object stores details on the protection status of the server.