The Account Object holds details about your account including its balance, how many servers it has and how much it is being charged per hour.

idStringThe unique account ID.
emailStringThe account email.
emailConfirmedBoolIf the account's email has been confirmed.
createdDate (Unix Timestamp)The date and time that the account was created.
usedIntegerHow many servers in use by the account.
limitIntegerThe maximum number of servers that the account can have.
twofaBoolIf two factor authentication is enabled on the account.
balanceIntegerThe amount of balance the account holds. The amount is (USD * 1000).
costPerHrIntegerThe amount deducted from the account balance per hour (Excludes extra charges such as windows licensing costs).
billingAlertIntegerHow many days of remaining balance before daily email alerts are sent.
negativeAllowanceIntegerThe amount of negative balance the account can hold.