The Record Object holds details on a record for a domain.

idString"aaaaaaaaaaabbbbbbbbbbbbb"A unique id for the record.
uidString"aaaaaaaaaaabbbbbbbbbbbbb"The ID of the user that controls the record.
hostnameString"@", "app"The subdomain of the domain.
typeString"A", "CNAME", "MX"The type of record.
valueString""The value of the record. This could be an IP address.
ttlInteger3600The records Time To Live in seconds. This is the amount of time the record is allowed to be cached by a resolver.
priorityInteger10Priority of a record, a lower value takes priority.
weightInteger20Weight of a record, if multiple records have the same priority a weight can be used. A higher weight has more chance of being picked.
portInteger123The port the service is running on for an SRV record.
caaflagInteger0, 128Flag to indicate if the CAA record is critical (128) or non critical (0).
caatypeString"issue"The type of CAA certificate to use.