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Get Started    

Getting Started

Here's how to get started with the BitLaunch API


Support and Contributions

If you need help with your implementation or have any questions about the API or CLI tool, or would like to contribute, feel free to reach out to our support team.

Get your API token

To use either the BitLaunch CLI tool or the API, you'll need to generate a Personal Access Token.

Log in to your BitLaunch account and head to your account area by clicking the face icon at the top-right of the dashboard.



It is essential that you secure your token and not expose it to others. Treat it as you would your application password. If you believe your key has been compromized, regenerate it immediately.


We currently provide a Golang package for interacting with the API. Check it out at GitHub. Further documentation is available at GoDoc

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Getting Started

Here's how to get started with the BitLaunch API

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